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Next Time: Go Easy on the Aqua

Okay, here’s the deal. It’s just paint, right? It wasn’t all that expensive, I only bought a quart, and I can paint over it. And I’ve learned some new lessons from this bookcase-back makeover. 1) There’s more than one way to get a person’s beachy aqua on. For instance, though I do love this Robin’s Egg color, it’s too creamy and baby’s room for my space and makes anything else with color against it look like an Easter egg. 2) And I already knew this, so bad on me, but always, always, yes ALWAYS go with a grayer, lighter version of the color you think you want. That’s a rule. I started with Jamaican Aqua (a fantastic color, but YIKES!), and then mixed in a bunch of white and some old Old Pickup Blue I had lying around, and ended up with this lovely Robin’s Egg (which matches the paint chip for Benjamin Moore Bird’s Egg). I love color (hence the paint), but this particular shade limits my use of other colors on the shelves—like hot pink, if the mood strikes me, or maybe a punchy colorful pattern on some book wrap paper, and a bright yellow story in the spring. SO. It’s back to the drawing board to find an airy, beachy color that merely suggests aqua rather than gushes it. For now, till I can figure out which grayed-down version of aquaesque I’ll try next, I’ll make due with the current view. It could be worse . . .

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