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Paint Color FAIL! Don’t Look at Me, Benjamin Moore, I’m Hideous

Inspired by, I don’t know what—boredom maybe?—I painted my black mantle white, primed the black and white striped bookcase-backs, and scoured the internet for inspiration. Aiming for a beachy feel to carry over from the kitchen tiles into the den, I was drawn to these images, and the bottles above.



Lovely, no? So how did I end up with this?

OOPS! Jamaican Aqua, more suitable for a Key West house

I love the color, just not for this space.

Looks promising, doesn’t it?

Ben Mo Jamaican Aqua

So, like, I guess it’s back to the drawing board.


Mantle and Shelves, Before, Littered with Christmas

Oh Well!

Back to the Paint-Picking Board

Benjamin Moore Classic Deck

On the wall: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter – always a sure thing

In the running: Benjamin Moore Iced Green, Annapolis Green, Crystal Blue, Palladian Blue (which is more green than Annapolis Green), White Rain, Blue Bonnet, and maybe In Your Eyes; also, Sherwin Williams Dewy, Glimmer, Window Pane, or Rainwashed (which I’m telling you in person looks gray). And then you have to be careful not to go so light and clear that it looks like a baby boy’s nursery. If you have wisdom to share, please do so. Thanks!

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7 thoughts on “Paint Color FAIL! Don’t Look at Me, Benjamin Moore, I’m Hideous

  1. Maybe you want that color but softer? Like, mix in some white? In your Pantone wheel, I like the ones on the far left, maybe the bottom two.

  2. Beth Bates on said:

    Jamie, I like that Palladian Blue, too (the bottom one on far left), and the one above it, Wythe blue, is Benjamin Moore’s Color of 2012. They’re just so green in person.

  3. Maybe something closer to 1564? Can’t see the name. It never looks the same on the whole wall. I’ll send you pics of my family room repaint. We went kind of dramatic.

  4. I’d go for the the far left, third from the top. At least from what I can see here. It looks like whatever you put on the shelves would look good with that. I hate it when I paint the wrong color. One time a did a HUGE wall before I figured out it really wasn’t navy, it was royal. Luckily I like to paint and it wasn’t too hard to correct. Still, terrible feeling. Have fun! Love, love your kichen!

  5. Kristin Huff on said:

    Far left, third from the top or last one on that strip!

  6. Beth Bates on said:

    Regarding the last one on that strip, which Jamie, Kristin and I chose, I bought a sample jar of that (Palladian Blue), and it’s super muddy-green on the wall. Paint is mystifying. Thanks, Sandy and Cathy! If nothing else, Dan is entertained. I think what I want is a SUGGESTION of a certain color, like a breath of pale aqua and not actually pale aqua. Anyway. We’ll see! (“Rich people problems.”)

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