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Caesarstone Blizzard Quartz

Indianapolis Star image

Indianapolis Star image

You Caesarstone internet researchers are insatiable! Last quarter, hundreds of people found my other blog via these search terms: caesarstone blizzard, problems with caesarstone, brilliant white quartz counters, caesarstone edmonton (?), caesarstone blizzard complaints, ring stain on caesarstone, how to clean white quartz countertops, bon ami and caesarstone. You get the idea. Here’s what I can tell you after a year-and-a-half of living with brilliant white Caesarstone Blizzard Quartz: 1. No problems with Caesarstone. 2. Ring stains come off easily with a damp, soapy sponge, Windex, or Soft Scrub® [GEL ONLY!]. Use Bon Ami, Barkeepers friend or Comet/anything abrasive on honed surfaces only, or else the tops will lose their polished, sparkling shine.] 4. If all else fails, Magic Eraser! It’s magic! 5. Caesarstone Quartz in Blizzard is beautiful and sooo easy to maintain!

Indianapolis Star image

Click for more photos on the WrightWorks website and in the IndyStar article. I still love my dazzling, sparkly Caesarstone Blizzard Quartz countertops tops. 10 Bees! BBBBBBBBBB

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11 thoughts on “Caesarstone Blizzard Quartz

  1. Me too. Your kitchen area is the bees knees! 🙂

  2. I am horribly disappointed with my Caeserstone. First, every fingerprint shows. It is polished and color is deep ocean. I clean it about twenty times a day and buff it to remove every fingerprint and crumb. Then, I cut a tomatoe that was on a piece of paper and the knife marks are now permanant and they are WHITE. Then my husband took a plastic spice bottle that has little bubbles on the bottom and he was hitting the top of the bottle to loosen it with a hammer and now the bottom has left little white dots imprinted into the stone. Today, I went to put a knife in the wooden knife holder and I dropped in onto the counter about six inches. it left a white dent in the counter where the tip hit it. Also right in the middle of my long big deep ocean counter is a small white gash, don’t even know how it appeared. We have had this installed since Christmas and I would NEVER recommend it to anyone who cooks a lot. You will spend as much time cleaning it as you do cooking. it is not nearly as hard as granite. My last two kitchens were granite, one polished and one honed, and we never had any trouble at all with it. Next time, back to granite!!!!!

  3. Laura on said:

    I wonder if these problems were because your counters are a dark color? My husband and I had Nougat and are about to install Blizzard in our new house. We LOVED the Nougat because it was bomb-proof. We cut on it, we put hot pans and pots on it, we let red wine sit over night on it – no problems whatsoever. Perhaps the more durable finishes are the light colored polished ones…

  4. Nicole on said:

    I’m about to get my blizzard countertop templated. Your kitchen looks lovely. Are the walls slightly off white? My current concern is that we’ve gone too white with the blizzard. It didnt feel that way in the showroom, but I am getting worried about pulling the trigger. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Beth Bates on said:

      They are slightly off-white, yes, but not much. A little creamy, maybe a teeny-tiny tinge of gray. It’s White Dove. Or Dove White, I can never remember. Benjamin Moore. Blizzard is white, for sure, but as a bright, white lover, that was my goal: as white as possible. But if it worries you, and you still want a white effect, how about going with Nougat? Sometimes I wish I had done that, but I still love my white. Quartz Reflections is nice, too: and recycled! Good luck! Go with your gut.

  5. Richard on said:

    we had a caeserstone counter top put in about 3 months ago and ever since than we constantaly get a sandy feel on top. What I mean is when you run your hand across the top, it feels as though there was salt put on it throughout! We clean it with soap and water and than it is ok for 1/2 a day or so and than it comes back! This has been going on ever since we had it installed. Has anyone ever had this problem? Richard

    • Diana on said:

      I also have this problem, so far its been a month of costant cleaning, only to find more sandy, small salt like grains on a surface. I contacted installer , they are not aware of these type of problems, waiting for Ceasarstone representative to come for inspection.

  6. I want to caution those considering white countertops. I just had blizzard installed this week (I do love it), but no one warned me about how noticeable the seams were going to be. One of them is okay, but the other one I had them redo and is better (but still not real great) This is something you need to talk to your contractor about at the beginning. Ask where will the seams be and make sure they use very light colored glue. One of my seams was next to the sink and they could not compress it as tight to get as small a seam as the other.

  7. Debbie smith on said:

    I have blizzard as well in the kitchen and blue ocean in the bathroom. I have had zero problems with each. Hairspray removes stains on the blizzard.

  8. help please! on said:

    Just got pure white Ceasarstone countertops installed. I already have a ring stain and a mark from some liquid molasses. They were not on there long at all. Already tried with hot soapy water- but hence I am here. My countertops appear to be the same as yours… would you consider them to be polished? So can’t use: “Bon Ami, Barkeepers friend or Comet/anything abrasive on honed surfaces only”?? I ask as the installer used liquid BarKeepers before he left to wipe everything down. Hoping I can and that will work or maybe that is why the marks are there? This is the magic eraser you are referring to:

    Thanks for your help!!

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