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Our Nutty Orange Front Door: You Say “Hideous,” We Say “Welcome!”

My husband is one of those high school teachers that kids love. He’s funny, he’s smart, they think he’s cool. Anyway, one day in class, a girl was excited to learn that we live in her neighborhood. She asked which street, and when he told her, she stuffed both feet into her pie hole and said, “Oh gosh, not the house with that hideous orange door.” My husband jumped to my defense. “My wife LOVES that door,” he said. My hero. My door, in Benjamin Moore Hot Spice:

My front door brings to mind a Kauai sunset. What is your front door’s vibe?

My Front Door Color

According to, a red front door (yes, even an orangey-red) means Welcome! What does YOUR front door say?
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5 thoughts on “Our Nutty Orange Front Door: You Say “Hideous,” We Say “Welcome!”

  1. I love your orange door too! It is definitely NOT hideous — it is PERFECT!

  2. Woolylam on said:

    I have an orange door too and if it makes you happy that is what counts! (They should be glad you didn’t paint the whole house that color!)

  3. Great story. Did you have the sunset in mind when you chose the front door color or was it one you chose or inherited?

    It is a strong, gorgeous and vibrant color. We love it.

    • Beth Bates on said:

      I didn’t have the sunset color in mind, I was just really drawn to the color. I love it. It rocks me out. Then, a couple years later I noticed that one of my favorite vacation photos had the same colors. Some colors just move us, huh? Thanks for your kind comments. I love it too!

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